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In search for the perfect lunch…

January 1, 2010

Half work of art, half portion control.

Living in the UK, the traditional lunch out with colleagues were replaced with sanwiches on the desk. Uninspiring does not even start to describe the state of my lunches. I started off with canned soup (plus choc & crisps); which were most definately a big boo-boo for me; not to mention nutrituously unbalanced. I then graduated to random sandwiches made with tuna, ham, cheese, sardines ect…there is only so many square breads I can stare at! Then came the I-cant-be-bothered stage; with leftovers from dinner nuked in the microwave at work. Summers would mean sandwiches replaced by salads; but the same toppings of tuna/ham would remain and repeated ad-infinitum.

So the dawning of 2010 brought with it the promise of a healthier and more inspiring diet of the portion-sized lunch. I stocked up on lunch boxes (does not have to be a pretty bento, you know) of a smaller size to prevent overeating, reused my silicon cupcake cups as food dividers, filling up small soysauce containers, cutting things up to mini bite-sizes ect. I have had a few shots in 2009 of creating bentos, but they are usually way oversized instead of the proper mini portions.

One intruiging point in the art of bento making is the tiny containers. At first glance, it’s way too tiny to feed a child, let alone an adult. However, it’s all about stuffing the container chock a block of delicious food – and the tiny containers work very well in portion control and calorie count. Having not succumbed to the traditional bento boxes ( they are not watertight at all – and I walk-bus-walk to work with my lunch jiggling in my handbag) I have purchased a number of smaller containers to squeeze my food for the day in. I expect to still occasionally succumb to the odd sandwich or salad combo, but my key for success this year is squeezing my lunch into a box fit for toys. It will probably not consist of  purely traditional bento food (i.e. sushi, onigri ect), mixing in a variety of  food from around the globe – and therefore not just another brown bagged lunch.

So here goes.

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  1. ma. elena torres valdez permalink
    December 20, 2012 10:51 pm

    todo tiene muy buenos alimentos y sobre todo muy buena presentacion, gracias por ilustrarnos en la cocina, tienes mucha creatividad

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