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Bento no. 14: Spring blossoms in onigiri, salad & yakitori

February 7, 2010
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Just lately the twitter bento gang have been churning out blossoms after blossoms in their bentos, much to my envy. However, over a pint on Friday night, my friend revealed my set of blossoms & stars cutters, much to my excitement!! I purchased some mini cookie cutters two weeks ago, but have not seen them since and was convinced that I had lost them. I had apparently left them at his house when I was there more than a week ago for dinner – in my excitement to try out the cutters, I had sat in his kitchen playing with bits of carrots and turning them into stars!! I honestly thought that I had popped them into my bag before I left, but apparently not.  So yes, I have blossoms and stars again!! YAY!!


I wanted to try out some recipes for the beloved bento competition that I would be cooking for on Friday as well…there have been a fair few veggie entries and I was getting concerned on my lack of veggie-friendly menu! So I popped out for some yakitori sauce, ponzu dressing and tofu, and included some sweet potatoes and mochi in my basket….so excited re: the beloved bento competition!! I’m still not sure what will I churn out – will not know until the winner’s been chosen, but it is definately good excuse for my to churn out some bento-friendly recipes for my own box!


Left layer: pork and dried shitaake mushrooms soboro, wakame & cucumber blossoms salad in a ponzu dressing, red bean mochi on a pick with a blueberry and some tofu,carrot & sweet potato blossom-shaped yakitori with a sprinkle of nanami tohgarashi & toasted sesame seeds.

Right layer: blossom shaped onigiri topped with cucumber & red pepper blossoms, watermelon to pad it out


This is the first time I am making yakitori – and had stooped to actually purchasing the yakitori sauce from the supermarket. At about £3 a pop, this is not cheap, might look to making my own next time around.  I had purchased the mochi as well, can’t be bothered to make my own but I really should. This bento took longer than usual as I had to play around with the different shapes and flavours.


This is the hubs’ box – he wanted a cheese & pickle sandwich as well which I packed; but thought he might like picking on the below throughout the day…

As you can see it is fairly similar to mine (in a non-cute 550ml lock-and-lock) , but his contained more of the yakitori blossoms and a large portion of watermelon. I ‘nailed’ a blueberry stick to his red bean mochi…heehee…trying to make the pink mochi more manly is hard work I tell you!


My verdict? Both the wakame & cucumber dressed in ponzu and tofu yakitori tastes pretty good, and may make an appearance in Beloved Bento. The pork sorboro is pretty good as well, just needs to lower the seasoning slightly – recipe to come once I’ve perfected it.  Closing date for Beloved Bento is tomorrow – can’t wait for the challenge!  And oh, this is going in Hapa Bento’s B.O.M.B challenge too ! Yay!


yakitori: Barbequed skewers
ponzu: a light citrus-based Japanese sauce
nanami togarashi: Japanese mixed peppers
mochi: Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice
wakame: sea kelp

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  1. February 7, 2010 9:35 pm

    Cute blossom in your bento! Congrats on finding your cutters!

  2. February 7, 2010 9:49 pm

    thanks sheri!! So pleased I found it; I was going to go get another set tomorrow

  3. February 8, 2010 10:05 am

    Oooh the Miffy lookalike pick is so cute!

    • February 8, 2010 12:09 pm

      do you like my ‘glossary’? written especially for you 😀


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