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Bento no. 16: cold soba salad

February 9, 2010

Not really a bento to be honest – other than the fact that it came in my burger bento box, it’s hardly a bento! It’s just noodle & fresh veggies – one of the most basic of Japanese meals. Well, slightly fusion soba salad, as I added veggies on it, no leeks but random pieces of veg :).

I topped boiled and blanched cold soba  (buckwheat) noodles with carrots and cucumber stars (hid the cutout pieces under the soba..heehee), add a dollop of wasabi and top with toasted sesame seed & nanami togarashi. All to be mixed in with my side of tsuyu sauce (soy sauce based dipping sauce) as you eat.  In hindsight, I should’ve added strips of egg omelet,  ham and crabstick  – but for some reason I really fancied something very plain.  I packed extra nori on the top layer and a pack of pocky as well – but I think what I really craved was that soy sauce-mirin-vineger flavour!

All packed into my hamburger bento – with my Winne the Pooh portable chopsticks. I love em chopsticks – they were the first portable pair that I ever bought, 1998 in Hong Kong in one of the random pop-up markets that seem to dot the island.  

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  1. February 10, 2010 3:31 am

    Nicely done. Star worthy lunch~

  2. February 10, 2010 8:10 am

    you say that cos you’re my friend…:))

    Its not nutritionally balanced (lack of protein ect ect) but it is really one of em days when I crave for the simple umami flavours of tsuyu

    Should have posted the bento I made for hubs instead…totally forgot I made him some salad, onigiris and yakitori.

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