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Bento no. 19: Leftovers galore

March 2, 2010
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I’m home!! After more than 24 hours up in the air and more waiting around in airports, I am actually glad to be home – being stuck in a planeful of crying screaming babies is NOT a good idea. Somehow Ethiad Airways seem to be Nursery Airline for babies.

Anyway, after two weeks of good food down under (posts to come soon!), it’s time to try to return to normality. I had most definately been scoffing way more than the 550ml amount of food that I try to restrict myself to at lunchtime. So it’s back to bentos for me – ableit a fairly lazy one for my first day back.

Left: Rocket salad topped with a leftover KFC breast strip (had KFC on my way home from the airport)

Right: Leftover spag bol (had this for Monday’s dinner) with a small clementine & blueberries


I’ve kept it simple and as close to basics as I can for my first go after a two week absence. I must admit; I really need to stock up on my regular bento making fruits and vegs. Until then I would need to be using up the random stuff that I purchased on Monday’s visit to the supermarket in my jetlagged zombie state….a cauliflower, mushrooms, bag of washed rocket (arugala), a carrot, blueberries & apples. Hmm. Not sure what sort of meals would I be creating from that – might need to dip into my frozen bento stash that I made before leaving.


I tried to do some bento souvenier shopping whilst down under, but it’s nearly as bad as the UK. However, I did get a tamagoyaki pan at long last!!! I uncovered it in some remote asian grocery store, all dusty. I also got some sakura denbu, shiso furikake, picks of the Australian flag (am I planning a kangaroo bento?), a blue bento box for the hubs and some plastic chinese-takeaway-styled boxes. Not sure what sort of bento will I be making with these, but was thinking of some dip-with-veggie sticks snack bento. Will have to see.

I need to get back to uploading my buckloads of pictures – but in the meantime I’ll hopefully continue to ease myself back into my regular bento-making schedule and come up with something more creative than leftovers! However, it does prove again that bentos can be whipped up from unwanted leftovers, if only you put some thought into it. If you notice, you would still see the regular ‘rules’ of bento  packing still in play, colors (green,red,orange,brown) and parts of fruit & veg,protein and starch.

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  1. March 5, 2010 2:59 pm

    Welcome Back, we have missed you! :o)
    Hope you had a wonderful time, looking forward to seeing your bentos :o)

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