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Bento no. 22: mini-cupcake meatloaf, coleslaw & furikake rice

March 10, 2010

A bento that I made last week but was way too tired to blog about it – my second speed/freezer stash bento of the week.  Again, the versatility of having a frozen bento stash at hand proved to be priceless – this means that when needed I could actually produce bentos in the morning….even if it meant I had been away for the past two weeks.  Nothing too kawaii unfortunately, but at least I escape from the sandwich-soup-chocolate trap.

Left: Edamame and blueberries on bed of rice sprinkled with  hijiki and chirimenjako furikake. Thought about a pretty stencil for it – but it WAS 6.35am when I made this!

Right: pot of curried coleslaw (store-bought) sprinkled with nanami togarashi, home made mini meatloaf (recipe to come) , a mini clementine and a skewer of blueberries.

I am lucky enough to have access to a microwave during lunchtime, and I nuke the meatloaf separately before polishing it off.  In my state of daze, I also zapped my rice with the furikake in the microwave as well – thought it would taste weird, but strangely enoguh it was actually ok. I love this divided lock-and-lock, it allows me to divvy up my food into a microwave and a not-to-microwave section. I tend to microwave one section and not the other –  but again, it just depends on what I pack – microwaved clementines & blueberries are not so nice:)

But the meatloaf is divine – I really must post the recipe up. It’s been in the freezer for two months, but it still taste lovely zapped up in the microwave.

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