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Bento 37: St. George’s Day omuraisu

April 26, 2010

I love a good omuraisu, fried rice somehow goes just so well with fried egg. Lia inspired me with her how-to on making egg sheets, and I thought I would continue with the St George’s theme by making a flag egg sheet. Seems so easy right? Hm. I’m the queen of noob mistakes, so NO!


First I separated the egg whites from the yolk as I was going for a flat white sheet and a bright red sheet. I mixed in the red color and then pressed it through the sieve to get rid of the bad air bubbles. Annoyingly enough, I had to use a small tea sieve as I couldn’t find my normal sized sieve, therefore taking me ageees sieving it through. Sigh. I spread the egg mixture on my mini one-egg tamagoyaki pan on super low fire, perfect for creating that rectangle shape. The red mixture (from the yolk) worked out quite well, and I manage to get a fairly even red egg sheet. I then cut two strips from it and set aside.


And this is when I got into trouble. The egg whites were so hard to fluff and mix up, turning it into one gooey mess that was way too hard to press through the sieve. After a long 15 minutes I gave up and just threw the whole thing into the pan, resulting in the pock-marked white sheet. Sigh. Before the egg white cook, I lay the two strips of red egg sheet in a cross, forming the St. George’s flag. This just sets the cross on the white egg sheet, making it all stick together.


I made a quick fried rice from my freezer stash with bits of egg, leftover bacon furikake, frozen peas and some soy sauce. Whilst it cool and before wrapping it up in the egg flag, I padded the other end of the box with a mini pork pie and 1/2 scotch egg. Leftover red egg sheets are cut into hearts, and I topped the egg and pie with the heart cutouts. As usual, it’s padded out with peas and the last of my strawberries, on a bed of arugula leaves.




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  1. hypothermya permalink
    April 27, 2010 5:00 pm

    Aw — I love it. It’s really pretty. I only started noticing the bubbles after I started reading your post, too, so they must not be all that bad.

  2. April 29, 2010 10:28 pm

    thanks for your kind words – I’ll definately try it again, I love the ease of cutting out shapes of any color with egg sheets …. imagine the possibilities!

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