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Bento 44: Mini tuna miso burgers & shiso ume rice

May 24, 2010

I am most definitely in a mood for testing out new things! After yesterday adventures (or misadventures) with the bunny maki, I couldn’t stop thinking about tuna in patty form. I googled for recipes (and promptly got banned by work’s internet filtering -.- ) but ended up using a hybrid variety of a recipe.

My first mistake? Thinking that I know better and using firm silken tofu instead of fresh firm tofu. Ouch. I dabbed the surface moisture away with some paper towels, but in the end it was still too much moisture to properly hold the burger in shape. Not to mention that instead of 1/2 block I intended to use, I mashed in a WHOLE block of the wet-ish tofu into a can of drained tofu. The end result was a crumbly and wet paste, so I added extra breadcrumbs and a beaten egg to hold it together. I also added some chopped chives and a squirt of miso for extra flavor. I pan-fried it on low-medium heat until both sides are browned. It wasn’t bad at all, but I seriously should had used firm tofu and LESS of it the next time. And there will be a next time – this does make a fab bento stash, unfortunately we ate (and packed) most of it and I only manage to freeze two patties! Oh well, next time I’ll make two cans instead of one!



In tomorrow’s bento, I mixed in some shiso fumi furikake into fresh brown rice and plopped a juicy ume in the middle. This is going to be so soury/plummy but I love it! For ‘okazu’, I had two of the tuna burgers with some coriander/cilantro , 1/2 tamagoyaki nori, slices of takuwan and broccoli, sprinkled with my overstock of toasted black sesame seeds. I toasted some black sesame seeds over the weekend, but it was way too much for the small furikake bottle I keep them in – so I’ve been very generous with the leftover seeds :).


You know how alot of my bentos are result of dinner leftovers? Well, the leftover from this bento turned into my dinner! I added some kimchi and a miso soup with some hana-fu, and voila, there’s dinner! Perfect for days where I’m not cooking for bacon (the hubs), he can’t complain that I’m having miso soup for dinner! For some reason he hates miso soup. Wonder why.




I even made him a pseudo-bento as he have a long and early day ahead of him tomorrow travelling. To avoid him getting too hungry in his journeys, I made him his customary boring ole’ cheese & pickle sandwiches, but added three tuna burger patty, some takuwan, a tamagoyaki and some cheese alphabets to cheer him up :).



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  1. May 24, 2010 10:48 pm

    Yummy bento! So pretty with the takuwan hearts. 🙂

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