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Bento 59: Smiley Sausage kimbap

August 10, 2010

I still had loads of brand new double-layered bento boxes from my last visit into Daiso. I like double tiered bentos as it is nice to completely separate my food and use one of the layers to judge the amount of rice I consume, which is usually too much to be healthy. Case in point is today’s bento of kimbap. Trying to cut down carbs and I’m having kimbap!? I can’t help myself, so the least I can do is restrict myself.


My kimbap is made from 1/2 cup of frozen cherry-tinted rice, but you can’t really see the pretty pink colour. It contains a whole giant hot dog, some takuan, carrot and blanched spinach. To up my greens intake, I padded the whole thing out with more leftover spinach. I eat the spinach (ugh) before starting on the kimbap. I used to really love spinach – when I was young, my favourite cartoon was Popeye; so persuading me to down bowls and bowls of spinach was never an issue with my mom. I would eat it at every meal – how lucky, huh. Fast forward 20 years later, I went on this fad diet which asked for spinach for lunch EVERY DAY. Huh. I did lose weight, but I also lost all interest I had for spinach. I’ve only really started eating spinach again recently after a 6 year break. This time I’m trying to balance my intake so I don’t go off spinach again!




I included the last of my tofu-tuna burger, one homegrown tomato and a chopped up homegrown purply carrot. My garden seems to love the rain this year, and produce just keep producing! I love being able to just pop outside and pull/cut/pluck something that is instantly edible. The city girl in me still find the whole edible garden thing slightly amusing and entertaining. Would you believe that five years ago I never knew that strawberry flowers turn into strawberries? I thought flowers and fruits were sprouted separately. Huh. Must be the lack of spinach contributing to the diminished intelligence 😛 .




The bento box in a whole! I don’t think I can finish using all my new bento box stock up, so might be putting some of them up eventually for a giveaway. Don’t worry, only NEW and UNUSED boxes will be given away and you won’t be getting any nasty seconds :).


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  1. August 10, 2010 9:47 pm

    Great balance. I love spinach! I worry I eat too much as there are oxalates which might lead to kidney stones. Better to be moderate as you are. Yummy!

    • August 11, 2010 8:12 am

      Hmm I never knew that. Probably a good idea – like all our bento principles are :P.

      There are not many leafy vegetables here that I can cook unless I buy chinese greens in bulk from the asian supermarket – and I really much prefer my veggies cooked!

  2. August 11, 2010 9:50 pm

    This looks like a very filling bento! N a very cute one too. 😉

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