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Bento 116: The totally wrong bento

February 9, 2011

Yesterday I realised that it’s been nearly a week since I shopped for my regular bento stuff, like cheese, lettuce, polony, cherry tomatoes ect. I have stocked out my fridge and kitchen tops (which now bears no resemblence with my clean and tidy office desks !) with Chinese New Year goodies, and had no space for the fresh fruits & vegs that usually live there. Coupled that with both me & bacon being sick and my general need to repeat my previous yu sheng bento; it is no wonder that I have been eating pretty badly for lunch!

So I thought I would pack myself a bento for tomorrow. And what a big fail that turned out to be. With no bento staples, I had to raid the freezer for some bento staples. Which is fine, but all I had fresh was a couple of sad looking lettuce leaves! And when I tried making an onigiri into a penguin, I failed miserably as well – and ended up trying to shape it into a ninja. Which I also failed…as you can see!!




Altho pretty ugly, this bento was actually tasty. On the first layer I have an onigiri gone wrong, a defrosted mini hamburger and some defrosted sauteed peppers. Mm mm yum. My second layer contain another defrosted mini hamburger and leftover bolognaise sauce which I dipped the burgers into. Not the best bento I’ve ever made and far from being the best looking, but it was delicious nonetheless!


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  1. February 9, 2011 8:05 pm

    That’s so funny, I wasn’t happy with my bento today either! I’ll trade you!

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