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Bento 120: Miso Soup Hinomaru

February 22, 2011



I cringe at calling this a leftover bento – all its element is so simple on its on it really does not require much cooking at all. Bacon had instant noodles for dinner; so I opted for my Japanese-styled comfort meal. I don’t eat this very often as bacon hates miso & tofu…so it’s an opportunity for me to indulge!

I have some store-bought sliced hot smoked peppered mackerel (saba), shibazuke (pickled cucumber/aubergine in ume), some peapods and brocollini. On top on my white rice is an ume – I have recently became addicted to the flavour of ume again, and find myself yearning for ume with all my meals. It helps preserves the rice as well and give it a light pink tinge underneath :).

Miso soup is not exactly portable, especially with the way I treat my handbag. I was going to use my Zojirushi, but could not bother about getting it out. So I deconstructed the miso soup. Yup. You heard me. I preboil the tofu, and sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds over it , topped with some sliced spring onions. I mixed in some instant dashi with miso paste, and when I am ready for lunch I just dump it all in a large mug and top it up with boiling water straight from the kettle at work. Obviously this is only going to work for people who have access to boiling water at lunch time; but I thought it was an absolutely brilliant idea for a no-spill bento :).




This bento took less than 5 minutes to fill and is totally un-kawaii – but it’s probably about 100x better tasting than a plastic packaged supermarket sandwich. Which the last time I had one; gave me a papercut. Serves me right. It took me longer to photograph (cause I am a slowpoke with the camera). The wonderful thing about packing your own bentos is that you can have ANYTHING you like – and me, I want some ume with saba. Or ume with SPAM. Wonder what will I ume with next?


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  1. February 23, 2011 7:19 pm

    The deconstructed bento is a really wonderful idea! I love that Maki Itoh of justbento does it with sandwiches. Both my boyfriend and I have access to hot water at lunch time (his is even the lovely instant hot variety), so this is a GREAT idea for us to try for a twist on our usual bentos! Thanks a lot for the idea! =D

    • February 23, 2011 9:13 pm

      Hope you enjoy it! I have instant miso packets at work as well, but I love mine with a bit more texture. Goes so well in cold weather, as well as lazy bento days when I only fill 1/2 my bento 🙂

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