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Bento 122: Saba & Rice

February 24, 2011



This seems like a weekly roundup bento – everything from here was taken from various parts of my earlier bentos in the week. The sharped-eyed might recognize saba from one of my bento earlier in the week – yup, it’s back! It does not last that long once I’ve opened up the packet, so I really needed to use it up before it goes off. The hot-smoked peppered mackerel goes so extremely well with plain white rice, the peppery smoky fishyness offsets by the blandness of the saba. I might try stuffing it in an onigiri one day – one of the best combo ever.




In tomorrow’s bento there is also some asparagus ham roll, a mini apple (underachieving gala), some radishes and all divided up by lettuce leaves. With the white rice, I thought I would deco it abit – and that was when it fell apart. I tried making onigiris covered with black sesame seeds….but the onigiri fell apart (don’t think my rice was hot enough) . So with my rice half-mixed with sesame seeds, I thought I would jumble it all up together and just forget about the onigiri.

Then it came time to decorate. I had flowers leftover from yesterday’s bento – and thought I would add some small birds in it. Honest, it looked really bird-like when i put it on – but then it failed miserably when I took a picture of it. It f


Can you see it? No? Gaaaah! The color on the ham was way too light to show up on pictures – I really need to start bringing my laptop into the kitchen to get direct feed from my camera to the laptop. Oh well…hey, at least it’s all tasty right? 😉


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  1. February 25, 2011 1:15 am

    Oh, yeah I see the birds! Super cute rice treatment! and the rest look yummy as well…

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