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I live in Leeds up at the north of UK, and am starting 2010 with the resolution to create regular and healthy bento boxes.

The edible art element had always attracted me to bento boxes. I have been brownbagging my lunches to work for a number of years now…unattractively. Usually its some sort of leftover or sandwich, some seriously uninspiring food. My job does not allow me to fully utilise my creative frustrations, and making good looking lunches provides me an avenue to release all this pent-up energy.

The portion control part of bentos should really be the most important element…and it is. Using large containers, I had stuffed them full of food, which I devoured at noon, typing away with one hand. Unless it’s a massive salad with no dressing, it’s then no suprise that my packed lunch has turned unhealthy.With my bento lunches, I take time out to appreciate the beauty of it all. Suprisingly, I am taking longer in eating my bento lunches compared to regular stuff-your-mouth sandwiches; I savour every bite and ever flavour, appreciating the beauty of the white sticky rice or the texture of tofu.

Having lived in three continents, I am attracted to a variety of cooking style; flirting from traditional Japanese to pasta in one meal. This is reflected on my reluctance to confront to sandwiches – it is definately my least favourite lunch item! I hope my bento making adventure will reflect my interest in world cuisine; and keep me sufficiently entertained so I don’t take that walk of shame to the vending machine!

I have been blogging since 2005 (OMG, just realise I’m coming into my 6th year!!) on .

If you would like to contact me for any reason whatsoever (hey, I’m nice!), I am available at notabrownbag at gmail dot com .

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