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Bento 130: The LAST ever bento (here)!

March 27, 2011



Hello dear readers, and welcome to the LAST post here at notabrownbag!! No, I am not stopping bentoing, but I am moving here! After a long drama of sorting out hosting, I then had to learn to manually install wordpress. And you think that was it? My lovely host then proceeded to have a meltdown the day after I finally sort out my installation. Whoa. And then I must’ve changed themes about 10 times before finding one that I can customize to my liking. It has been a week filled with drama, but at least it’s sorted out now! I still need to sort out my header; but at least it is up and running now.

So please pop by at my new home here and say hello!!

Other than me having drama issues with my hosting ect, I have also been very sleepy this weekend. I have had afternoon naps of 3 hours on both saturday and sunday – I don’t usually sleep that much! It has been pretty much a lost weekend with the amount of sleep that I have been banking. Anyway, tomorrow’s lunch is looking very lame indeed. Fried rice made with leftover soy sauce pork and rice; brocollini, strawberry and a mini tangerine pretty much sums up what I’m having. Not entirely creative or ingenious; guess all my brainpower have been either hibernating in a sleep state or dealing with my ‘syntax error’ issues. I was going to do some cheese & ham cutout for the rice; but I was chasing the sunlight; it is getitng easier to use daylight to take my pictures but as I have been asleep nearly all day it was 7pm by the time I thought about bento :). The good thing is; this bento, including rice-frying; took me less than 10 minutes. Speed bento rocks!


You know that I have been banging on about bento4Japan for a while now right? There are a few days left to the EU raffle that you can donate to; and there is a constant refresh of new bento goods for grab up at our ebay auctions. Please bid/give generously; fundraising can be fun as well!

On a more serious matter, as mentioned on Just Bento’s forum, there has been a recent scare on foodstuff from Japan. You can read more about it here. The way I see it, there is nothing worse than ignorance, and it is ignorance that I seek to dispell. Japanese foodstuff that we usually use; i.e. takuan, ume ect have been packed and transported months ago; and the likelihood of fresh veg & dairy being imported from affected areas in the past two weeks is so extremely slim. Sensationalism journalism of contaminated water and produce across Japan is simply untrue. Imagined scenes of three headed fish and octupus-legged animals are impressions that these irresponsible reporting want to plant in your mind – please be vigilant and do not allow the journalists to continue scare-mongering.


Remember, please update your bookmarks and blogroll to my new home here!

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